Recommended New Arrivals for June

Feast your eyes upon this half-assed, random list of things that happen to be available, starting this month. Contact us if you know of another release to share.


William Defoe plays opposite of director Abel Ferrara’s own wife and daughter as a Ferrara-like aging artist in Rome. Documentary-styled and improvised. View the trailer here.


Ytamo Vacant

C. Blumberg South from the Future

Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous  After the Circle, Vol. 9

The Necks Three

Written Word

Alligator and Other Stories Dima Alzayat
“Taxis and cars honked at one another on the street, their headlights coming on pair by pair as the light faded. My chest felt tight and flat, like the whole of the sky was pressing down on it, like I was no more than God’s rolling board.”

Romance or the End Elaine Kahn
“Then worsen all, believing what I let / that I is this and this is what I get”

The Clearing Allison Adair
“What if this time instead of crumbs the girl drops / teeth, her own, what else does she have”

Figure It Out Wayne Koestenbaum
“Play a recorded piece of wordless music that you know very well. Listen to it once. Then, turn on a microphone that can record your speech, and listen to the piece again. Deliver an impromptu monologue while the piece is going. Afterward, transcribe your soliloquy.”

On the Back of Our Images, Vol. I Luc Dardenne
“Art doesn’t save the world or save anybody. It comes after. Far too late after. It comes after the murder has happened. It makes it possible to remember, but not to prevent it, or to not be committed again. Why go on, then? Why go on filming? Why? Why, if we’re sure that a work of art will never stay a murderer’s hand? Maybe because we’re not so sure.”

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