Frequently Asked Questions, or Questions We Imagined You Might Have:

What is this site?  What’s your MO?

The Esoterrorist’s goal is to provide information, discussion, and archive for experimental and/or outsider art created by artists falling somewhat below the radar.  We review works by composers, poets, authors, musicians, and filmmakers of independent or self-released publications.  From time to time, you may observe a news article or such concerning a rather popular name, such as John Zorn.  But I mean, are you really going to complain about John Zorn getting love on this web site?  What’s your deal?

I would like to submit some of my own work for review, or a news tip, or praise for the web site.  How do I go about that?

All submissions and feedback are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged.  Use the “Contact” tab to get in touch.  We can reply with details from there.  Don’t worry; we’re quick to respond.

How can I become a contributing writer?

Ask us and see if we need help.  Use the “Contact” tab.  Have some writing samples handy.

Can I advertise on The Esoterrorist? 

Depends on what you’re selling.  Contact us.