Experimental Label Freedom From Returns

Minneapolis-based experimental LP and cassette label Freedom From has announced its full return to the scene, completely revamped for 2012.  The independent label began in 1996 (founded by Matthew St-Germaine) with its first official release by a San Francisco three-piece named Job.  From there it put out some of the first releases by many iconic artists such as Hair Police, Noxagt, Reynols, Sightings, and Cock ESP, as well as the infamous Thurston Moore/Beck/Tom Surgal cassette.  The label went on somewhat of a hiatus after 2006, though still releasing an occasional cassette or CD.  Now 2012 will see the return of the label in a revamped format, releasing only cassettes/lathes/vinyl in very limited numbers.

The label will sell its releases locally in its Minnesota home, however with the return the label plans to have additional distribution through Fusetron for the rest of the U.S. and Volcanic Tongue for Europe.  Mail orders will be unavailable, according to the label.

Freedom From also has new Bandcamp site, which features new records for sale, such as a compilation of the End Times Festival in 2006 (pictured above, and not to be confused with the new Ende Tymes Festival).  The label also has a Soundcloud page where a track from all of the releases (in progress) are housed!



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