Aki Onda to Perform ‘Soundwalk’ in Paris

New York sound artist Aki Onda, known for his Cassette Memories project, will present a “soundwalk” in La Goutte d’Or neighborhood in Paris on June 2 as part of MU*X #5 (the 10 years celebration evening of Collectif MU).

Starting at 17:30 at MU’s garage (12, Rue d’Oran, 75018 Paris), the artist and audience will walk around the area together.

According to the event host, Birdcage, the event will operate on the concept of a 90-minute audioscopic experience provided by Onda as he performs at several locations in La Goutte d’Or, with field recordings drawn from his Cassette Memories project, which Onda described to The Wire as collected “recklessly, innocently, without knowing what to do with them… Cassette Memories was born from necessity – to examine my past and free myself from there.”

The work is part of a site-specific performance series commissioned by Birdcage, which started in 2011 as the performance at the Cour Carrée of the Louvre.



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