Matthew Sullivan / Sean McCann – Vanity Fair

Matthew Sullivan and Sean McCann harness elements of drone both new and old with their latest LP, Vanity Fair, released through Recital.

Vanity Fair is not so much a return to earlier ideas of the avant-garde, but rather some multiverse collage featuring a blended compilation of a complete timeline, the history of drone, if you will.  The slow-paced landscapes sculpted out of deepening textures on this record are never tedious nor homogeneously bland.  These elaborate compositions are beautifully active and rich in detail.

The frequent collaborators have mastered a unique balance between extremes of minimal drone and experimental acoustic composition to create a vast landscape of dreamlike atmospheres sounding like an infinite space squeezed into a limited structure, a universe inside a glass cube that can be observed at a museum by passing tourists, some enthralled, some indifferent.

And though many factors of Sullivan and McCann’s record are grounded in tangible musicalism, the sensation of drifting is not absent, leaving drone purists satisfied.

– E. Adam


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