Gang Wizard – Spirit vs Soul

No recorded material from the noisy punked Gang Wizard has surfaced since 2008, though the band has generally remained active.  Their return to the vinyl disc is no grandiose event, however, as Spirit vs Soul is limited to a mere 20 copies via Deathbomb Arc.  But this six-song record’s rarity and lo-fi production aren’t products of artistic humilty; they’re badges of honor for a band like GW.  Spirit vs Soul is a gesture, an asshole leaning toward your ear for a secret and screaming at the top of his lungs instead, deafening you.  Spirit vs Soul is a handshake followed by a nutcheck.  Spirit vs Soul is Kathy Lee Gifford.

According to the Deathbomb Arc web site, this record marks the band’s first “overtly Christian” album, and you can take that information however you like.  The songs that make up this LP are power-laden and imaginative with a destructive thoughtfulness that supersedes the typical schematic design of lo-fi punk theatrics and noise rock formulations.  But these brilliant pieces of badassery don’t defy all of their nontraditional traditions, and the band happily resort to subconscious-vomit-jams of violent catharsis, such as in the perfectly titled “That’s Why There’s No Witch, That’s Why There’s No Curse.”  Then there is the sludge-groove track “Lot’s Supply” that is perfect for bobbing your head while cruising your moped through a small city’s historic downtown, eating a corn dog with your mouth open.

If one’s hands have been blessed with the appropriate astrological magnetism to obtain one of these few copies of this extremely limited pressing, then by all means, take hold, with a tight grip.

-Jared Micah


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