Ryan Garbes – 1965

As in every fairytale, she gets he gets lots gets longer gets right to the end; right at that second; right when you want to give up; right about marriage and kids; right about savings and sick days; right to flex time and rain; right to two dudes about to fight over machines/cars. So smooth and creamy in thought and ears.  1965 crying, “Come back.”  Answer ya telephone.  Answer ya telephone.  And the summer.  Time travel and fresh cut lawns and flat tops.  The television has been left on cartoons, it’s Saturday morning, and you’re at the park stretching over concrete on the monkey bars.  Sucking down too much sugar cane at the local pool.  Opening your eyes in chlorine.  Wrinkling your entire body before noon.  Vision is blurred due to chemical burns.  Farmers’ tan-lines and stripes.  Nose plugs back on the playground and your lungs feel too airy, and your coughing a little bit.  Barbeque diets, lunch on benches, and cooking out in the out-and-out.  Finding half burnt sparklers from last Saturday’s July Fourth celebrations.  Works to fire to heat to sparkling to running to shouting to laughing to the deep-end to sparklers to under to water.  Bubbles drown out your vision from laughing.

-LX L∞Grr


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