Rene Hell – Catalina & London

Encouragement for our future youth.  Learning to excel progression in society and family life.  From the culture of waking up and falling asleep, every day becomes a miracle of atoms.  Let’s all work together as mass and fight as humans have fought for existence since our conception.  We are alone out here, so let’s team up as we have done biologically for… ever.  Stop the gang violence.  Be polite to your elder neighbors.  Leave purses where you find them: next to people.  Decide for yourself on minor things.  Give yourself the liberty to choose what to buy.  Live life around a model that’s been grown since the dawn of dawn of infinite dawn.  Slide yourself around the corners and into the cracks of life together.  We’re all together and a part of this area and field.  Dimension, faith, higher levels, ritual, creation is all of the mind.  Make your mind part of society’s mind.  Mind if you meld to our mold in this skin.  Shed subject matter.  Vote on your favorite.  Love it.  Love it all.  At length.  Deepen yourself.  Broaden your hearing.  Listen to others around you.  Live within the moment.  Up until you can’t no more.  Hang on to every hand you can clutch.  Strengthen your grip . Make it all look good.  Make that look great.  Become one.  Become two . Meet yourself again, or mirror.  Mirror out and into human void: cemetery.  Hold hands in your grave.  Belong.  Become.

-LX L∞Grr


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