You Are Here 2012, a Show within a Maze, Announced


Conceptual installation art duo Trouble‘s (Sam Hillmer of ZS/Diamond Terrifier and Laura Paris) creative festival You Are Here is returning in 2012 for more mayhem in the labyrinth.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, YAH deconstructs the band-on-stage-to-audience-on-floor formulaic experience of live music and spreads the numerous pieces of the puzzle throughout a cleverly constructed maze.  That’s right, while attending this show, you will have to navigate through an actual maze in Brooklyn’s Secret Project Robot Gallery, from Thursday through Saturday each week for four weeks starting July 12.

According to the fest, “Audience members arrive at You Are Here with the intention of catching a particular presentation, but intentions are frustrated and transformed by the labyrinthine construction the festival provides.  Artists and audiences alike are invited to question the expectations that arise around performance in the context of community.”

The third annual event will include C. Spencer Yeh, Laurel Halo, ZS, Dustin Wong, Noveller, Extra Life, Mick Barr, Amen Dunes, Diamond Terrifier, Miho Hatori’s New Optimism, Ann Liv Young, Win Win, Fuckton, Jack Quartet, Nymph, MV Carbon, and so many more.

Trouble are wanting to bring the maze installation to Berlin at the West Germany Gallery and Show Space in Kreuzberg as well.  They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

If we have failed to help you understand the concept of You Are Here, please watch the featured video above.


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