Leslie Keffer – Finally, Caves!

Nashvillian noise goddess Leslie Keffer’s new 12-inch single, Finally, Caves!, finds the sound artist and scene spokesperson experimenting with expanded atmospheres driven by sexy beats.  A Kickstarter-funded project, this record proudly represents its Southern home, where Keffer is infamously known for building the noise scene through her experimental shows booked at Betty’s and her own noise artist tabloid blog.  And Nashville-based sound engineer Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes gave it the local signature touch in the mastering room.  Needless to say, the whole thing is pretty Nashville.

The record continues Keffer’s own brand of noise, made through the same methods as other greats, but holding in the reins from any harsh or shrill territory and instead creating a more euphoric and ultimately danceable effect.  The two-track single comes elegantly hand-packaged with individual watercolor art.

– E. Adam


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