Alex Strelka – Live in Cologue (SF Broadcasts)

Yo, you were there at this, yeah-yeah. Euro-tour of Germany 1994. You were like 12 or 13, ran away from your group that one night, and got caught up in lights. Potions were a plenty as people just jumped and jumped, continuing each bounce with slight movement while hitting the ground. Everything is slow motion because this is a memory, but wasn’t everything in slow motion? The bulbs glittering your eyes violently as you sucked down purple and pink-ish (a hue) liquids being served from a cool shaped like a bear skull. Or it was an actual animal skull. People are pushing you while they dancing, and you follow their movement into a sync’d vibrating groove.

As the grind of music and electronics sucked you, minds started to meld and mix in beat. Warped and twisted hands flailed, and sweat became a mist in the air. Muggy fog machines thickened the air and your head filled itself with euphoria. Everyone’s heads presented a haloed aura, and you looked into the mirror, standing in a crowd of jumping lights, to see your head was also glowing. Young and stupid, you began rubbing heads with everyone around you and it became part of the dance: transferal of energy/being/mind/love. When you awoke, you found yourself surrounded by the tour your were one and the adult lifts you up and axes you where you been. You say, “I’ve been there, but it’s now, or later. No, it’s later that I’d like to be in. Now isn’t around.”

-LX L∞Grr


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