Transmuteo – Dreamsphere Megamix

Fall asleep to pieces and emerge within a dimension far. In that palace of Transmuteo, you’re placed within a hallway full of. These frames present different places of the universe which. Natural occurrences fluctuate in these windows and visions of the. Further into the first frame, you stare upon the moveable gaseous spaces evolving into. The second frame attacks your vision with furious clicks and flashes of. Next, from the third frame, spirals of visages of past atmospheres settle you through thought and. Biting the fourth frame commences when the light is shining in colors you’ve never seen before, melting your. Counting them on thought bubbles now, the fifth frame is pitch black; no haze, or violence, only stagnant measures inhibiting. Traversing to the sixth frame, you see yourself and yourself and reflections of thought and mind, back to when. Through the seventh frame comes moving dark matter and vibrating images grabbing at each other and becoming. Eighth-frame-fragments-from-feverous-friction-faulted-froo-fleaving-fout-fa-fletter. The ninth frame beholds destiny in light of reflection to hear within breathe making luxurious. |10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|10|. Oscillating inside of the eleventh frame is the object you most universally desire, grabbing at concept and beliefs that. The last frame “is a twelfth frequency that connects our third dimensional personality self to Earth plan frequency hub.”

-LX L∞Grr

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