Onra – Chinoiseries Pt. 2

Speeding down Okinawa Expressway in a Nissan 240Z at dusk, exhaling plumes of blue smoke, and the driver-side window is wide open. Your hearing is muffled, and wasting clips out your window on *hush* to oncoming traffic is just SO pleasing. Especially since the car carpet is smelling burnt from the shells. Wild nights call for furious staring sessions with lights smearing across the windshield and your vision. Honking swells behind you, and inaccuracies are being made. Until the yelling from the passenger seat shrills, and there’s glass in your lap. Hair, not your hair, sticks to and around your eyes, and you squeeze a few more flashes out the window.

You remember the interior being black leather, and not red, but the passenger door slides up and down at 230 km/h with easy. The oncoming traffic is stopped and all you see are bursts of red through cracked windshields as you shoot sweet nothings until you hear clicking. Shells rattle and sear the floor at your feet still. Loud popping and whistling and hissing sizzles past your ears and windows. Blue smoke dries your eyes, you rub them against your palm and metal, the Nissan 240Z tires graze the side sands on the road, and rotate uncontrollably as your foot is still on the gas. The car flips, gaining speed almost, into beach dunes, and holes continue to rip into your car as it tumbles itself to pieces. Crawling out, hearing yelling and speeding cars, but no sirens – and now just distant screams, you watch the sun rise, blood red against the sky, ocean, clouds, sand, and your jacket, skin and face.

-LX L∞Grr


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