Thirteen Hurts – Threshold

“Threshold” is an apt title for Thirteen Hurts’ latest CD-R that contains pressed-to-the-edge claustrophobia-inducing grit-and-grind power  noise sans synthesizers.  And it’s safe to say that I enjoy it as much as I do hyphens.  In the same vein as FFH, there’s often little room for any other sounds, thoughts, or ideas to appear in the brilliant eruption of hyper-white static explosions, however tracks like “Apnea” do vary in intensity with tiny breathers of open space accompanied by a soft pulse.  Yet, Thirteen Hurts doesn’t preoccupy himself too much with ambitions of diversity in range of volume but rather focuses all energy on texture, which is an understandable objective when composing this brand of experimental noise through the use of modified guitar pedals.  And this attention and detail to texture is what keeps the record satisfying and never tedious or exhaustive.  Some pieces become so elaborate and active that, given a glitchy rhythm, it could appear similar to some extreme case of dubstep, but let’s not get carried away.

The composition of Threshold is lush and thick and definitely tests its boundaries, pressing its nose against the glass and nearly cracking through.

-April Davis


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