Sand Circles – Day Light Arrival

And you’re sitting back on Coney Island beach watching the stars succumb to sunlight, when you decide that you don’t need to stop from the night before. You hop the yellow or orange line and head up to where you think is Manhattan, only to arrive somewhere in Brooklyn. You stop off in an “oriental” market and purchase liquids and roots, both in the same type of corked jars, get back on the subway, and shove everything from them jars into your mouth. The people next to you keep talking to you about plans in the city, and you realize you’ve been traveling with a group. You tell them, “Thanks for the recommendations. Who’s seen the movie Drive here?” People in the subway car to your right are staring.

Once you wake up, and you’re alone in Astoria an hour later, use your phone to e-mail Stefan about longevity. Axe him to keep a standard for lengthier good-times, so you don’t have to flip yourself every 12 minutes. There’s a depth in your mind that’s only attainable if you time enough to reach it. Building up to it, while in a cab -and you know you ain’t got no more money- falters within your own persistence and once the driver stops between fifth and 86th, you dart out the car screaming, “I love this Motor City effect so much more than the Day Light Arrival!”

-LX L∞Grr


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