Gnaw Their Tongues / Corephallism – Split 10-inch

The new split 10-inch by Gnaw Their Tongues and Corephallism proves to be a perfect match, made in hell, of course, and results in dark, brooding death-ambient brutality.

Gnaw Their Tongues fills their side with the doom-promising track “A Moral Guide to Self-Castration and Necrophilia,” where the nearly seven years-old group create a terrifying noise-drone factory imprisoning tortured black metal vocal stylings.  Destroyed instrumentation rings from the depths of a metallic pit and produces short echoes of pure nihilism.

Corephallism is the solo project of sound artist Shane Michael Broderick, who is probably most known for his work in the extreme noise duo Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck.  With Corephallism on the split, Broderick channels a personally unique array of variations in approach to dark ambient drone that swells in and out of power electronics.  Distorted screams are introduced by the second of his two tracks that narrate the grim and mysterious landscape.

Both bands maintain a cohesive, unified atmosphere, whether this was planned or coincidental.  The eerie drones transforming into death grinds create a sick pleasure, a beauty that is twisted and mired in thorny, leafless branches, that cooperate as a singular voice, two sides of the same whole.  Highly recommended.

-Jared Micah



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