Chris Corsano – Cut

The drum can be an underrated instrument in contemporary popular music.  Many artists have degraded its value to mere pitter-pats supplying structural rhythm no more complex than a metronome’s clicks.  There are also artists that believe chaotic over-elaborate jam-outs fulfill a kit’s purpose.  But then there are those few drummers who approach the drum with an inventive reverence, appreciating the instrument for all of its potential.  Chris Corsano is easily one of those drummers.  On his new solo CD-R, Cut, Corsano utilizes the vibrations of his drum heads to emulate bowed instruments, bends notes with varying pressures, and ultimately produces a euphoric whirlwind of technical percussion that could make Zach Hill weep in awe.

In anticipation of the record, listeners were awarded a treat of behind-the-scenes footage of Corsano’s recording process, and for those never fortunate enough to catch his live performances, all were entranced by the skill and method exemplified in those takes.  And though the process is shrouded in technicality and intense mathematics, the intricate rolls and tumbles spilling out of Corsano’s arms sound innately of nature, a self-existent phenomenon, like thunder and lightning.  There are a lot of ideas floating around the toms and cymbals of Corsano’s kit, but absolutely nothing is forced, nor excessive.  Cut is different from other solo drum records the way a mountain is different from a skyscraper, the way a living, pulsating cock is different from a vibrator.  Corsano is that throbbing penis that cannot be substituted.

-Jared Micah


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