Trapdoor Fucking Exit Begins Today

Today, L.A. label Emerald Cocoon will premiere Trapdoor Fucking Exit, a series of performances taking place inside Helga Fassonaki’s Installation, Touching Them Touching Me – A Love Song for the Dead C at Human Resources gallery.  The event takes place over the weekend, April 20 – 22.

Today’s performances will include Tom Carter, Brian Crook, Glands of Internal Secretion, Queen Victoria, Yek Koo, and a recorded presentation by Adam Willetts.

On Saturday, performances are by psych-folkers Charlambides, 500 mg, Purple Pilgrims, Peter Kolovos, Gabie Strong, and Un Ciego.

The final day of the series will be performed by Maryrose Crook, LA Lakers, Metal Rouge, Derek Rogers, and Bailouts.  Bill Orcutt will also by contributing to the presentation for Sunday, though not in person.  Orcutt will be unable to join the festivities, but did give Emerald Cocoon an exclusive new work to premiere, which they describe as “new cubist blues, with no interest in your opinion.”

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