Seattle’s Substrata Festival 2012 Announced

The second edition of Substrata, known now as Substrata 1.2, will be taking place this year August 3-5, a weekend of intimate sound & visual art.

Substrata’s purpose is to “explore varying perspectives of scale though the use of sound, composition and visuals.”   This year the festival includes an all-ages live performance program, workshop, lecture, and a field recording trip within the Puget Sound region.

As for the live performances, Substrata’s web site elaborates that “each showcase is curated to distinctly portrait different takes of the potency of minimalism, varying between weighty combinations of tonalities used to sculpt out atmospheric ambiance, or powerful dynamic structures made up of the subtlest filigree of sonic building materials.”  The list of sound artists performing includes Daniel Menche, Tim Hecker, Pan American, Lawrence English, and others.

The lecture will be presented by Australian mixed media artist and curator Lawrence English concerning the interconnections of humanity, sound, and the wider environment.

During the field trip, a limited group of participants (20 max) will spend time with the performing artists while capturing environmental recordings in the Puget Sound region.  The trip will be conducted by Lawrence English & Robin Rimbaud (Scanner).

Check out the official web site here.



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