Ivy Johnson – As They Fall

Ivy Johnson’s newest publication, As They Fall, marks the first release of Timeless Infinite Light’s new EP series, which creates a venue for artists’ “self-contained works that don’t fit in to a […] larger body of work.”  Johnson’s contribution to the series, however, is not just random scraps; it is cohesive and enlightened, a singular voice, though with varying volumes and textures.

As They Fall presents a dreamy atmosphere of intelligent dementia and reads at times as a premonition to impending darkness.  Johnson’s inventive use of poignantly surreal images assists this apprehensive sensation with bleak, haunting visualizations.  But what really sets Johnson apart as a contemporary poet is her methodology.  Much of her stylized stream-of-consciousness is carefully crafted by collaging separate slices of poetry written on individual notecards.  The product of her efforts is an honest manifestation of the subconscious or perhaps some astrologically-guided fate.  Regardless of its superconscious origin, Johnson’s poetry is solid.  It recalls an unknown biography and additionally possesses a mystic clairvoyance.

Each of her poems also seem to achieve a bit of a sinister wink to her religious upbringing, a sort of lingering holy ghost that installs itself in minute crevices of her beautiful words.  This, of course, only adds to the eeriness of Johnson’s imagery and the twisted delight of the overall experience.  Johnson has described the act of speaking in tongues as a process that requires “letting go.”  It seems safe to conclude that a similar head space, a form of acquiescence and unconscious abandon, plays a significant role in her poetry’s composition.

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-Jared Micah


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