M. Geddes Gengras – Purity

Aside from kicking both Raffertie and Keith Fullerton Whitman 2012-syth-build dicks in the dirt, Purity closely reminds me of “I like my beat down low…”. Maybe just the lyric, th’oh. But when Side-B hits, so does that bass in your eye, blackening it to shreds. Shreds. And the outcome is miles away due to a strong build-up of flooding sounds and prismed electronics. Maximalism reflects Geddes’ true skill to properly insert madness. As a form of “okay” or “maybe,” I cannot base this “review” on good or bad, but upon a level of madness implemented throughout his work.

Toward the beginning, it’s all jood. Tiny rhythms, fluctuating melodies – yo, it’s pleasant. I’d say a level of 2/10 on the maddening scale. As it reels, things get warped. Not in the way of, “Fucking using a pedal again, man. You know these musici…” but more like using sound to bounce off itself and into your ears. 4/10. And you flip the tape, bass again, but it’s so much more. 6/10. Eventually, the sound moves past your ears and brain, straight to your soul. Right down to where it shreds you from the inside out. 8/10. And there you have it. Ged’s full climax into and through your body and existence. Don’t fight it, reel it.

-Clifford Morrissey


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