2012 Undead Music Festival Announced

New York’s annual music festival that focuses on the city’s thriving free-jazz and improvisational musicians known as the Undead Music Fest has announced it’s dates and roster for 2012.  This year’s festival will be from May 9 to 12  and will feature performances by adventurous  experimenters such as Chicago Underground Duo, the Nate Wooley Quintet, White Out, Chuck Campbell, So Percussion, and many, many more.  Each day of the festival will be configured differently.  May 9 will be a marathon of concert between three venues in Greenwich Village.  May 10 will feature Medeski, Martin & Wood in a “unique night of MMW + guests, featuring 1 set of the trio, 1 set with each member of the band being replaced by a guest for a song, and 1 set of special guests sitting in with the group.”  May 11 will be performances in DIY-only venues.  May 12 will be improvised round robin duets!   This day will consist of 17 artists arranged in a random order.  According to the festival’s web site, “artist #1 improvises for 5 minutes solo on stage, and is then joined by #2. After 5 more minutes, #3 enters, and #1 leaves. So on. It’s a beautiful method for collective spontaneous composition, removing the ego and presenting the community in a seriously fun way.”

Be sure to purchase your tickets for this insane event.


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