Hubble Resonates ‘Round on Tour April 13-23

Zs’ Ben Greenberg, a.k.a. Hubble, is bouncing around notes in your head on tour this April. After coming down off his Northern-Spy Records debut Hubble Drums, and NNA Tapes Hubble Linger, Greenberg ain’t stopping. Watch his tireless fingers ravage a guitar if you reside in, or are visiting, any of the areas below. Also, there’s a little treat video below the aforementioned “areas below” of “Hubble Escape” to kick off his tour the super right way. We’ve also overheard he’s working on a project entitled Hubble Lag, so start using your imagination. Eventually, he’ll just take over all thought and consciousness when he releases Hubble Dreams, Hubble Thought and Hubble Consciousness, until Hubble Dies. Dig it all:

4/13 – CIMM Festival Chicago, IL w/ ADULT
4/14 – On Air WHPK and WNUR, Chicago, IL
4/15 – Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH w/ Chris Corsano / Aaron Dilloway Duo
4/21 – 1100 E 5th Street, Austin, TX w/ Paradise, Rene Hell, White Dog
4/23 – Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY w/ Raleigh Moncrief, Jonas Reinhardt

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