Sun Araw – Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 1

Waaaaaaaaaay more people should lie on the Internet. People are treating this place like it’s the fucking library. Like my opinion right here actually matters. And with that, Sun Araw is a whole ‘nother being. Forget Cameron Stallones. Sun Araw transcends only through music. So, this is the fucking Internet: start lying.

Who is supposed to be praying along with Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 1? Is virtuality just a sub-sect of our conscious, as is prayer? Essentially, we’re all just submitting ourselves to faith/fate when “putting” ourselves “out there” on the Internet. Not many people give a shit if you can play flute or organ or guitar. That’s why there’s a limited number of Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 1. Not saying that the release will tank, cause it’s already sold out. I’m just sure somewhere someone is actually providing their own form of prayer to this tape.

Would I? Nahh. I mean, I suppose. My version of prayer is just personal thought alone. Maybe I’m selfish. Maybe I’m lying. All I’m saying is that this is pretty much a full length Sun Araw tape. Has there ever been a full length solo Sun Araw tape? Yeah, none. And, like, over the top or not, Sun Araw’s music speaks for itself. Also, maybe this is more like the standard Sun Araw mixtape, rather than album. You can tell that he just meshes a lot of his former noises and effects together on this one, again. But it hooks and gets your white-boi groove maxed out. So just go with it. Especially if you’re holding it in. It’s more real that way. It reaches past that virtual lie. Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 1 embodies the fabrication of Sun Araw and brings it straight to reality: into your mind.

-Clifford Morrissey

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