Franck Vigroux – We (Nous Autres)

Multi-instrumentalist and sound artist Franck Vigroux further developed his craft with the diverse and adventurous compositions that make up his latest record, We (Nous Autres).  The most important factor of the music that comes to immediate attention within the first listen is Vigroux’s fantastic appropriation of space.  With the sound manipulations by Vigroux, the air is never too crowded, too dense, or too sparse or minimal.  In between climaxes of brilliant synth swells and noise sizzle there are constant whispers and murmurs of electroacoustic goodness that never leave the listener abandoned, though perhaps haunted by its ghostly echoes.  In summation, the overall sound is best described as a breathing expansion, one that inhales into tightly-packed anti-matter and exhales outward, infinitely.

As not only a guitarist and composer, but also a turntablist and electronic artist, Vigroux utilizes samples and styles that may otherwise be considered as excessively industrial, but every element to the record’s ten tracks appears tastefully and thoughtfully, carefully included in the intricate details of these compositions.  This attention to detail and surgeon-like brand of sound collage support the aforementioned excellent use of space, and it really is remarkable to observe the album’s progression and how Vigroux carefully chooses how an area will be occupied.

Of course this review cannot conclude without mentioning the album’s surprising closer, “Crash,” which climaxes the atmospheric record to an ever-present head.  Guitars buzz as low-pitched sirens, electronics glitch, and all the former elements and textures of We (Nous Autres) begin to plain-out slay in a groove-driven industrial rock-out.  This all settles back into that beloved infinite space and is transformed in a black vacuum, where it eventually dies.  An apt ending to a brilliant record.

-Jared Micah

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