Hear Newly Unveiled Lightning Bolt Track from 1997

Lightning Bolt have just unleashed a previously unreleased track from 1997, recorded on 4-track cassette and entitled “20.”  The band has premiered the track for the first time to hear on their Bandcamp site.  According to drummer Brian Chippendale, ” I was going to wait till we broke up to crack the seal on the tape vaults, but we just won’t break up!”

The tape was tracked in Fort Thunder, RI, on an old Tascam 424 cassette 4-track that Chippendale’s high school band had bought in the late 80’s.  The session was recorded over a tape of an older recording, so the result is pretty lo-fi.  The band claims that “budgets were tight back then and a new cassette was not in the cards.”

“20” was released on cassette on the 1997 Lightning Bolt/Forcefield U.S. tour.



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