Ende Tymes Festival Announces Full Lineup and Kickstarter


New York noise festival, Ende Tymes, has announced its official roster of artists for this year and have also opened a small fundraiser on Kickstarter to raise some funds to run it and properly reimburse its performers. Since the festival costs money anyway, you might as well get your weekend pass by donating.  The festival is May 17-20, and the Kickstarter closes on Friday April 27.

The official released lineup:

Sudden Infant (DE)
Cheapmachines (UK)
Joseph Hammer (CA)
Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
R. Jencks (CA)
Telecult Powers (NY/LA)
Sickness (CT)
Goat (TX)
Zaimph (NY)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Maria Chavez (NY)
Hyena Hive (QC)
Fatale (IL)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
work/death (RI)
Skin Graft (OH)
Mesa Ritual (NM)
Husere Grav (TX)
Terrors (MD)
Paranoid Time (MI)
Tar Pit (MI)
Nonhorse (NY)
Grasshopper (NY)
Beer Damage (NY)
Lussuria (NY)
Chaos Majik (NY)
Narcissister (NY)
Isa Christ (NY)
Diablo (NY)
The Second Sun (NY)

Film/Video Performances by:

Phill Niblock Katherine Liberovskaya (NY)
Joke Lanz (DE) Shelley Hirsch
Sonya Stefan (QC)
Jean-Sébastien Truchy Jean Bourbonnais (QC)
Katherine Kline Leyla Majeri (QC)
Maussade J.B. (QC)
Erin Sexton (QC)
Alexander Wilson (QC)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Cory O’Brien Mei Mei Chang (DC)
Jason Soliday Jon Satrom (IL)
Jeff Donaldson (NY)
Phillip Stearns (NY)
Greg Fox (NY)

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