Riff-Raff Claims Franco Portrays Him in New Korine Film

As we reported previously, the new Harmony Korine film is a different kind of exploitation than his previous efforts (Gummo, Julian Donkey-Boy) in that his subject matter is now tweens and white hip-hop stars.  The new film, Spring Breakers, stars Selena Gomez and James Franco in what some are calling an unlikely role for both actors in a gritty and surreal picture.  According to the Fuse network’s web site, Gomez tweeted an image from the set picturing Franco dressed like rapper Riff-Raff, and it was confirmed by the actual rapper that the character is based on himself after he personally turned down an offer to star in the film alongside Gomez and even Gucci Mane.

Will this be Korine’s first blockbuster banking on its absurd cameos?  Has Korine become a parody of himself?  Do the actors realize that the film is perhaps making fun of them, that their casting is part of the joke?  You decide!


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