Petition Chris Taylor to Change Bandname

Chris Taylor dancing/modeling for GQ magazine

Chris Taylor, famous for his participation in America’s favorite sleep-inducing Beach Boys derivative Grizzly Bear, is going solo on a project he calls CANT.  Now, if you’re like me, the first thing that just came to your mind is, wait, there’s already a Can’t in the music world!  That’s right, gritty lo-fi electronic artist Jessica Rylan has been releasing records under this title for years!   I thought no one else seemed to share this disappointment until a recent post on the first and only noise tabloid Noisebloid.  This has put me into fight mode, and so The Esoterrorist calls upon all concerned parties to petition Chris Taylor to stop being such a bitch and just quit music all together.

This is Chris’s email address:

Please confront his recklessness and advise a correction to this terrible error, or you can even use this convenient form that we’ve created so that you can email him via our own web site.  Here is an example message that you can copy and paste or personalize with your own words:

Dear Chris Taylor,

I am writing in concern of your current solo project, CANT.  You may be unaware of this, but another artist, Jessica Rylan, has been recording and creating under a similar title, Can’t, for nearly a decade.  The concern is that, given such a name, locating information can be problematic.  It helps your chances to find relevant info by doing internet searches of “Can’t, band, music” or such, but with two bands under this title, it seems Rylan may be pushed further into obscurity due to your unwillingness to check if a band name is already in use, or perhaps you just don’t care.  However, current copyright laws prohibit your use of this name, and I advise you to change it before legal action might be taken, for your sake if not Rylan’s.  Thank you for your time.


Fill out the information below. Your message will be forwarded to Chris Taylor's email account for his appropriately named Terrible Records.

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