Wastelanders – Cosmic Despair

Wastelanders is the ambient solo side project by Dean Costello (Harpoon, Crazy Stallion, and Diatribes), and Cosmic Despair could easily be noted as one of Costello’s greatest accomplishments.

The record begins with a gritty yet translucent soundscape, partly inviting to the listener, partly forewarning.  The atmosphere that Costello has created here is a fragile one that he maintains with masterful balance.  The mood could very well shift toward much darker territory, however Costello guides the reigns appropriately, giving us only a curious fraction of detail of any potential deleteriousness.  The landscape is shaky, even frightful, but we’re safe for now.

As the record progresses, the aura slenders to a narrower focus, stripping away its excess and surrendering to its exterior pressures.  This is perhaps the sound of hope in nothingness, or the mind expanding until it dissolves into empty space.  A warm distortion gradually blankets the meandering chimes, and we disappear into it.  More recognizable forms take shape out of the abstraction of fuzz, and we seems to suddenly feel gravity’s pull again, a sinking sensation.  By the final track, we’ve come full circle.  And fortunately, despite our evident arrival, we never lose the sensation of movement.

Costello’s elaborate yet concise range of affection and instrumental elements set Cosmic Despair apart from the overwhelming depths of drone and noise genres’ libraries.  This is definitely a significant work that should not be missed.

Available through:

Wastelanders: http://gloriouswasteland.com/

Basses Frequences: http://bassesfrequences.org

Calls and Correspondence: http://freewebs.com/callsandcorrespondence

Space Idea: http://spaceideatapes.bigcartel.com

Hewhocorrupts: http://hewhocorruptsinc.com


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