Patrick Wensink Releases New Novel; Brian Miller Scores Audiobook

Author Patrick Wensink’s latest novel Broken Piano for President is out now on bizarro (and sometimes disgusting) fiction publisher Lazy Fascist Press.  The story involves “a noise band that gets caught up in a conspiracy involving fast food moguls, international space programs, and, of course, their music.”

Interestingly, record label Deathbomb Arc is releasing a companion audiobook, which features a score composed by Brian Miller’s (Back to the Future the Ride, Foot Village) latest project, True Neutral.  The score also includes contributions from Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt/Black Pus) on drums, Ezra Buchla (ex-Gowns/EMA contributor) on viola, and Christina Gubala on voice.

The novel is out now, and the audiobook is available for pre-order.  Click here to hear a featured True Neutral track, “Call on the Herd.”


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