De Stijl to Reissue Poetry Out Loud Series, Available Digitally Tomorrow

Tomorrow, De Stijl Records will digitaly re-release the epic Poetry Out Loud LPs, a series of ten LPs released between 1969 and 1977 as a
sort of “magazine of oral poetry.” The driving forces behind Poetry Out Loud were two couples: Peter and Patricia B McGarry (Harleman), from Topeka, Kansas, and Klyd and Linda Watkins, from Nashville. Together they set out for “taking poetry off the page,” seeking a
returnk to the oral tradition. As Peter said it then, “The poem on the page has no relationship to the poet. There has to be an integral relationship between poet, performer and audience.”

Because of the depth of these volumes, the LPs are receiving a digital-only release, which should be accessible tomorrow via the De Stijl web site.


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