Arvo Zylo – 333

Chicago-based noise artist Arvo Zylo is rumored to have spent 6 years developing his most recent offering, 333, and the 3-track self-released CD doesn’t fall short of expectations.

The first moments of 333 are reminiscent of what one might imagine a carnival in hell to sound like, with warbly and oblique synthesizers played along to schizophrenic glitch-ridden industrial beats.  This runs almost immediately into an abrasive wall of noise and hiss, removing any former traces of melody and rhythm and elevating us to a purely textural abstraction of sound.  We come in and out of this traditional (a tradition known to noise purists, only, assuredly) line of harshness with more recognizably concrete instrumentation of modern composition, but the grim atmosphere remains the constant, from the static crushing blasts of noise to the rupturing post-apocalyptic dirge marches.

Within the established structures of industrial noise, Arvo Zylo has found his individual voice, and it resonates with strength and dynamic agility.  You can mark us down as fans.  Get it here on CDr or cassette.

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