Ed Sanders Book Release; Reading and Signing at Boo-Hooray


Poet, singer, social activist, environmentalist, author, publisher, and member of The Fugs Ed Sanders will be releasing a new book, Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side, on Da Capo Press.  While the title seems to explain the book’s contents quite thorougly, Sanders has also publicly stated the following:

In February of 1962 I was sitting in Stanley’s Bar at 12th and B with some friends from the Catholic Worker. We’d just seen Jonas Mekas’s movie Guns of the Trees, and I announced I was going to publish a poetry journal called Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts. There was a certain tone of skepticism among my rather inebriated friends, but the next day I began typing stencils, and had an issue out within a week. I bought a small mimeograph machine, and installed it in my pad on East 11th, hand-cranking and collating 500 copies, which I gave away free wherever I wandered. (…)

Fuck You was part of what they called the Mimeograph Revolution, and my vision was to reach out to the “Best Minds” of my generation with a message of Gandhian pacifism, great sharing, social change, the expansion of personal freedom (including the legalization of marijuana), and the then-stirring messages of sexual liberation.

I published Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts from 1962 through 1965, for a total of thirteen issues. In addition, I formed a mimeograph press which issued a flood of broadsides and manifestoes during those years, including Burroughs’sRoosevelt After Inauguration, Carol Bergé’s Vancouver Report, Auden’s Platonic Blow, The Marijuana Review, and a bootleg collection of the final Cantos of Ezra Pound.

Commemorating the release will be a companion exhibition, featuring a comprehensive collection of publications from Ed Sanders’ Fuck You Press, including a complete run of Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts, and a book signing and reading at Boo-Hooray on Thursday, February 16 from 6-9 P.M (which will coincide the reception of the exhibition).


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