I’m Being Good – Shadow School

Following last year’s impressive Mountain Language LP, Brighton’s experimental rock trio I’m Being Good have now released a very different collection of guitar-driven improvisation recorded during the Mountain Language sessions.  While not much about Mountain Language was conventional, with its genre-bending schizo twists and turns, Shadow School is unconventional in an entirely different way.  Some conventions of guitar and drum improvisation are present, however.  For instance, things do inevitably get noisy at times, and at times the guitar work enters all-too-familiar territory of scattered random string picking.  What I’m Being Good succeed at — and make seem effortless after their 20 years as a band — is creating a real musicality within their improvisation.  That’s what separates the men from the boys in experimental exploration: a control of the dynamic.  The chaos is calculated, and the individual performers are in synchronized meditation.  And all of it is achieved with a transient sense of the self, a seriously unserious ethos, which makes the topsy-turvy post-hardcore rollercoaster all the more accessible and ultimately fun.

The record is exclusively a digital release, which is currently available for only $3 at their Bandcamp site.

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