Nate Wooley Starts New Quarterly Online Experimental Music Journal


A new online quarterly journal for experimental music is being launched on Monday by trumpeter and artist Nate Wooley called Sound American, which will be operating through the Database of Recorded American Music.  According to Wooley, the online journal will serve to “balance out the academicism of the database and foster a newer, younger audience.”

The Sound American web site further elaborates this sentiment with the following manifesto, explaining that experimental music has been confiscated “by a group of depraved, anti-socials that enjoy defining their superiority to the unwashed masses by adding layers of complexity, abstraction and obfuscation to their hobby worlds, thus sucking all the joy out of everything they touch.”

There is no doubt that we are thrilled about this project, as The Esoterrorist has a similar stance on taking artful, experimental works from the hands of elitists and providing a down-to-earth forum for discussion about these multi-dimensional arts that can be appreciated on numerous levels.  You can check out more about Sound American on a “soft launch” version of the site here.


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