Timothy Donnelly Wins Kingsley Tufts Award for Cloud Corporation

Poet Timothy Donnelly was just awarded the $100,000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for his latest book The Cloud Corporation.  The award, given annually to a mid-career poet by Claremont Graduate University,  is one of the largest monetary poetry prizes in the U.S.  And the prize money will certainly go to good use.  According to Donnelly, “I’m among the many people in this country who have had to go into significant debt just to get by […] All the anxiety in the book about the economy and the struggle to make ends meet isn’t just for effect—it’s all very personal. This prize will give my family and me a measure of financial stability that would otherwise have taken a decade or more to achieve.  But as true as all that is, it’s the honor of having had The Cloud Corporation chosen for this distinction that I really can’t wrap my head around.”

Donnelly was joined by Katherine Larson, a research scientist and field ecologist from Tucson, Arizona, who won the $10,000 Kate Tufts Discovery Award for her book of poetry, Radial Symmetry (Yale University Press).

This marks the 20th anniversary year of the Tufts poetry awards, which have honored other great writers such as Matthea Harvey, Robert Wrigley, and Tom Sleigh.


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