End Tymes Festival Announces Dates and Confirmed Artists

According to East Village Radio’s web site, the second annual End Tymes Festival of Experimental Liberation has already announced this year’s dates and some confirmed artists scheduled to appear.  The festival, honoring experimental composers and musicians in Bushwick and Ridgewood DIY venues, is the ongoing project of musician and promoter Bob Bellerue and hosts a variety of noise, free-jazz, and drone.  This year’s confirmed artists are listed below:

Cheapmachines (UK)
Phill Niblock (NY)
Joseph Hammer (CA)
Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
Goat (TX)
Hyena Hive (QUE)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Telecult Powers (NY/LA)
+DOG+ (CA)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
Dog Lady (MI)
Mesa Ritual (NM)
Diablo (NY)



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