C. Spencer Yeh’s Hair Police 01-02 Premiering Tomorrow in Brooklyn

The multi-talented C. Spencer Yeh will be screening his own documentary on the noise rock band Hair Police tomorrow at Spectacle in Brooklyn. ¬†Here’s what Spectacle has to say about the doc:

In 2001, a band called Hair Police played their first shows outside of hometown Lexington Kentucky, immediately kicking a hole into the weirdo eye and ear of the surrounding region; 2002 they released a record aptly titled “Blow Out Your Blood” and launched a coast-to-coast tour, diving headfirst into the vibrant American noise/rock underground scene. “Hair Police 01-02” captures this early period – though it doesn’t attempt to sing the same “on the road” song many music docs have sung prior. Instead, it stitches together cut-up footage of performances spanning that time period, along with the occasional random aside, into one relentless junk spectacle, without regard for traditional explication or chronology. “Hair Police 01-02” doesn’t try to convince you or sell you on these legendary times – rather it just barrels out the gate and rolls around the floor in front of you. This is the portrait of one particular young band making crazy music and throwing it at the world, tuned to the fever pitch of their present.

This will be the NYC premiere of the film.  8 p.m., $5.


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