Selena Gomez Comments on Role in New Korine Film

I really didn’t know who the fuck Selena Gomez was when it was announced that she would be starring in Harmony Korine’s newest film, Spring Breakers.  When a friend told me she was a young actress from a Disney Channel show called Wizards of Waverly Place and Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, I immediately decided that her casting was part of Korine’s sick sense of humor.  But according to a recent interview with E!, Gomez admitted to actively pursuing the role.  “I’m nervous.  It’s a little edgy, but it’s fun. I fought for that role. I flew to Nashville and told [Korine] I want to be a part of it.”  Oh, Korine.  So edgy.  So Nashville.  I would have preferred a rape scene starring Bieber.

James Franco and some other idiots are being exploited in the film as well.


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