Jake Vida – Grip of Inertia

Canadian noise artist Jake Vida has returned from a 4.5-year stint with a new brutal onslaught of harsh, intense noise à la mid-90’s Merzbow in his digital release Grip of Inertia (Pointless Blank Records).  The last we’d heard from the Ontario artist was in 2007 on a couple of CD-r’s and a cassette compilation, and while the break in output hasn’t really been explained, Inertia definitely proves itself worth the wait by the first track alone.  Vida wastes no time in getting straight to business in the first hyperactive track “Habitual 1,” which churns and grinds metallic blasts reminiscent of rubbing sandpaper on a microphone ran through 4 different distortions (which I am certain has been done).  The assault is constant with no room for breathers and successfully remains active and elaborate, rather than repetitious or tedious.

Inertia was recorded live in the studio by Vida and plays through in a raw, straight-forward approach, not unlike in the origins of harsh noise composition and improvisation, giving this a truly “noise roots” feel.  The simplicity to such a gigantic explosion of acerbity is definitely a refreshing treat that brings a smile to the face.  The (non-)music’s dynamism isn’t lost in the attack, either.  There are plenty of recognizable details and samples that heighten these pieces above their influences to which they respectfully pay their homage.

The record so far is being exclusively released via Bandcamp, with the price for download optional to the consumer.  Recommended!


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