Fernow, Diaz De Leon, Margolis Curate The Stone

Rumors were floating that Dominick Fernow (aka Prurient) was heading to Los Angeles after the closing of his physical retail store for Hospital Productions.  However, Dom is still in NYC for the time being and is curating the first two weeks of performances at The Stone in February.  Yes, the leader of the noise scene will have control of John Zorn’s Lower East Side venue for two weeks, but that’s not the only exciting curator The Stone has coming up.  For the rest of January, Mario Diaz De Leon will have the reigns, and for the second half of February, Al Margolis takes over.

What this means for you is that over the next month and a half, The Stone will host some amazing performances, such as Burning Star Core, Skeletons, Nate Wooley, Decimus, Alberich, FFH, Brown Wing Overdrive with Yeh & Pride, Mario Diaz de Leon (album release party), and a whole lot more.  Go here for a full calendar.

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