Hospital Productions Retail Store Closed

It comes with deep regret for us to announce the closing of the physical retail presence of Hospital Productions in NYC.  Home of the noise label started by Prurient mastermind Dominick Fernow at the minor age of 16, the store brought many locals rare and unique masterpieces of noise, black metal, free jazz, and other experimental subgenres.  While no official statement has been issued, the building on 3rd Street in Manhattan is completely cleaned out with its red walls bare and a lone “for rent” sign in the window.  According to Ryan Aircraft’s Tumblr, the label intends to keep its store web-based while relocating to LA (plans to relocate a physical store are yet to be known).  The Hospital Productions email is set to auto-response until 2012, so no official comment could be gathered.  We wish the label the best in their future endeavors.

Update: According to Apop Records, “Shortly before the announcement to close the store, Apop had the opportunity to purchase the majority of the Hospital Productions store stock. We would much prefer to have the Hospital store still be open, but are happy that we can at least provide a good home to all the cassettes, records, and cd’s that once lined the red & black walls of the Manhattan storefront… All titles will be available in out brick and mortar shop as well as online at”


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