Burning Tree – Stinger

Notorious Norwegian improvisers Dag Stiberg and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen are formerly known for their electric noise work in bands such as Cunt Rash and Maranata, but on their recent Tapeworm cassette, Stinger, the duo creates a more acoustic, yet undeniably harsh, brand of free jazz.

Stiberg has been studying alternative approaches to his saxophone’s sound for at least a decade, running his unconventional styles through numerous distortions and effects and achieving absolutely brilliant results.  The same level of praise is deserved of Anderson’s fierce and relentless cacophony of drums he has contributed to bands such as Golden Dawn and Supersonic Rocketship (R.I.P.).  It is also worth mentioning that Anderson’s level of technical skill is actually quite rare in many groups of similar taste.  It is because of these heightened abilities of the Dags’ talents that an organic and acoustic approach to improvisation seems fitting for the two.  And they do more than just pull it off; Burning Tree make some of the most elaborately colorful and impressive free jazz improv one could hope to hear lately.  The duet put off a consistent ecstatic energy that can easily be lost in the meandering of noise jammers.  This consistency causes the listener to never lose interest throughout the 5 tracks of this 35-minute release (limited to 200).  Highly recommended.

Track listing:

A1: Chug
A2: Sting
B1: Shred
B2: Bite
B3: Bends

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