The Absurd Meme-sphere of Wolf Eyes’s ‘Inzane Johnny’

Noise/trip-metal/psycho-jazz/whatever group Wolf Eyes is known for making a difficult genre of non-music familiar to normies, especially with their almost-danceable single “Stabbed in the Face” released through Sub Pop. But now the noisemakers are on the lips of non-noise-y mainstreamers once again, this time due in part to the fact member John Olson has become somewhat of an Instagram celebrity with his personal account of bizarre and absurd memes (@wolf_eyes_psychojazz).

The images Olson shares are sometimes of Wolf Eyes performances, or group shots with fans while holding up the signature spell-casting hand gesture pose, but his posts are also increasingly occupied with some of the weirdest and subsequently funniest internet memes around. Sometimes edgy, sometimes absurdist, sometimes a misidentified band photo, always top notch comedy. And before you knew it, you were seeing some of your other Instagram friends who have never even heard of Wolf Eyes lol-ing and tagging friends on Olson’s posts. Here’s a few samples of the golden nuggets that ol’ Johnny has been circulating.

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