Fall 2011 New Music (Tim Hecker, Rhys Chatham, Russell Haswell)

There are countless noteworthy materials coming out this fall, and we are doing our best to try and document them, so here are our first few tidbits of new music releases.

Tim Hecker Dropped Pianos

On October 10 Kranky will release a peek into the writing process of Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972 with stripped-down early versions of the tracks played minimally on solo piano.  It sounds absolutely gorgeous and can be listened to here.



Rhys Chatham Rêve Parisien

Rhys Chatham has stayed fairly busy, continuing his constant visits from Paris to his former New York City stomping grounds and prolifically churning out major releases like Outdoor Spell on Northern Spy earlier this year.  His newest release consists of four compositions for young and increasingly popular (and thus increasingly expensive) artist Jacob Kassay in his 2010 Paris exhibition Art: Concept.  The LP will be released via non-profit art publisher Primary Information.  Beautifully packaged with artwork from Kassay in collaboration with Frank Napolski.


Russell Haswell Acid No!se Synthesis/Kanal GENDYN

Haswell has two upcoming LPs on Editions Mego, one of which is with frequent collaborator Florian Hecker.  Acid is due October 25 and features Haswell’s improvisation on either modular synthesiser, computer, or electronics and pedals (recorded while sound was monitored on a phase scope and Editions Mego recommends you do the same when listening).  Kanal is a CD + DVD with Hecker.


 Colin Stetson Those Who Didn’t Run

Stetson will follow-up the acclaimed  New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges on October 4 with a 2-song EP on 10-inch vinyl via Constellation.  As always, no overdubs or loops, just straight-up complicated, other-worldly solo saxophone.  Listen to sampls here.



Merzbow Flax

Merzbow was unusually quiet after the release of the humongous Merzbient.  He earlier this year announced some new material and originally intended Flax to be a concept for the disaster in Japan, but that turned into Dead Zone.  Flax, however, is still said to be on the way, specific date TBA.


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