Off Duty: Volume 1

Ever wonder what HBO shows Bill Orcutt is into? Or if Genesis P-Orridge even has cable? The Esoterrorist’s new feature series, Off Duty, seeks to give dimension to the experimental artists we cover. Here you will see how their otherworldly personas function in the practical and the mundane. Enjoy.

Professor Tim Hecker

This Canadian experimental composer is no stranger to us on record: his critically acclaimed albums Ravedeath, 1972 and Harmony in Ultraviolet have soundtracked our inner moodiness for some time now. But did you know Tim Hecker was also a lecturer in sound culture in the Art History and Communications department at McGill University in Montreal?

According to Rate My Professor, Hecker’s students give him an overall 3.2 out of 5 rating, and they rate his hotness as only a gray chili pepper (sad face). One student gripes, “Hes an ok teacher, but he is always sick. Goes over the readings quickly and it is hard taking notes. He seems very lazy.” Another writes, ” He uses big words during his lectures and you can tell people are confused.” However one student enjoyed Hecker’s course as “very interesting” and “easy”.

Wrestling Fan Matthew Shipp

Jazz pianist and living legend Matthew Shipp wrestles traditional ballads into avant-creative mind benders, but he also just likes wrestling in its literal form. Shipp shared the following reaction to this year’s Wrestlemania on Facebook: “RIP the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania.” He added, “Taker looked old and tired -hope he retires -his body just can not do it anymore–it was a slow and lackluster match for sure.”

Foodie C. Spencer Yeh

Experimental violinist, vocal manipulator, and man behind Burning Star Core, C. Spencer Yeh appreciates a good meal (and documents it via Instagram).  Whether dining out or preparing his own meal, Yeh has shared some amazing looking dishes–some traditional, some exotic–with the web.

Do you have some insightful information about the daily lives of your favorite experimental artists? Do you think this is stupid? Tell us all about it!

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