Ron Lessard is Giving Away Largest Collection of Noise Tapes

The president of noise, Ron Lessard, known for his noise performances as well as founding and operating the legendary RRRecords, has just announced via Facebook that he plans to give away his entire massive collection of noise tapes and CD-Rs.  Unfortunately, this isn’t some contest that you can enter.

The giveaway is in part to celebrate the impending 30th anniversary of his Massachusetts store, where Lessard hopes to fulfill his cause by getting the “largest collection of noise and noise related activity in the USA” into The Smithsonian or the Library of Congress, with Harvard and MOMA as backups.

East Village Radio contacted Lessard to acquire a rough estimation of the collection’s size, to which he responded: “I have 2 bedrooms in my home. When I first moved here, I slept in one room and used the other for storage. I now use both bedrooms for storage and sleep on the couch. We are talking tens of thousands of cassettes, etc.”

Also according to EVR, Lessard is giving away thirty years’ worth of gig flyers, catalogs, magazines, and basically every piece of paper he owns pertaining to noise.


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