Mika Vainio & Stephen O’Malley Collaborate as ÄÄNIPÄÄ with New LP

When we last interviewed Dennis Cooper, he hinted to us that Mika Vainio, formerly of Pan sonic, and Stephen O’Malley, of sunn O)), had collaborated on a record together coming out soon.  We were antsy with anticipation, and we’re now giddy that additional details have surfaced. Editions Mego has just announced it will be releasing an LP titled Through A Pre-Memory by the collaboration, known now as ÄÄNIPÄÄ.

Pan sonic and sunn O)) first collaborated together on a Suicide cover version for a Blast First Petite series in 2007/8, and Vainio and O’Malley decided to collaborate further with what eventually became the ÄÄNIPÄÄ sessions. The record was tracked at Einstürzende Neubauten’s Andere Baustelle Ton studio in Berlin and mixed at Avast! (Soundgarden, Earth) in Seattle.

The record is due out November 11.  Pre-order it here.  Hear a sample of the brutality below.



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