Two Dollar Radio Opens Micro-Budget Film Division


Indie book publisher Two Dollar Radio, who are responsible for literary filth such as Jeff Jackson’s Mira Corpora and Scott McClanahan’s Crapalacia, have recently announced their foray into “micro-budget film.”  Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures’s first project is The Removals, a “part-thriller, part-nightmarish examination of the widening gap between originality and technology” written by Nicholas Rombes (The Blue Velvet Project, the Ramones 33 1/3 book) and to be directed by Grace Krilanovich (author of The Orange Eats Creeps).  Other participants in the project include the Obenauf founders of 2DR, writer Lorian Long, and noisemaker Mike Shiflet.

A teaser trailer (above) narrated by Lorian Long has been released for the project, and an Indiegogo fundraiser campaign has commenced.  Donation perks include dances from Scott McClanahan and ukulele covers by Barbara Browning.


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